(anonymously submitted on course evaluation sheets after each session)

I think Amy needs to run for Prime Minister and run the country by Tribes!

I feel like I am ready for anything as I start practicing this.

I saw Amy at York University’s Large Conference and came to this workshop during my Christmas Break because she was the facilitator.

This was the best course I have ever taken in my entire teaching career! I learned so much that I can apply in my teaching practice and in my everyday life!

Every teacher should take this course. It should be mandatory for graduating from the Faculty of Education. It is a gift to the students in their life!

Wow!!!! Unbelievable!!!! I have never come across a more effective, enthusiastic, inspiring instructor in my whole 5 years of teaching! Amy changed my life, and my teaching ability and confidence. Thank you!

Amy Block is incredible. She is so welcoming, energetic, positive and informative. She truly inspired me and I look forward to taking her ‘message’ with me in my career. She is a model teacher!

Amy has experience, positive modeling, passion, honesty and an easy way about her that instantly makes you feel comfortable and like her. You will trust her implicitly, and in effect, you trust that what she is teaching is true!

I will be a much better teacher now!

The best learning experience I’ve had so far!

Amy’s awareness and intuitiveness with her students made it possible to ensure we were all getting what we needed from her workshop. Amy…keep doing what you’re doing because with the number of ah-ha moments that occurred here….you truly are  making a difference in this world!

I wish all my classroom teachers had the facilitation skills that Amy brings to her training.

Life changing!


Amy knows a lot about education and about how people learn, and uses what she knows to build capacity and maximize strengths within a community.  Her intelligence shines and it's not just about being smart, but about having the information and putting it into practice by determining appropriate strategies to achieve specific objectives.  The other thing I would say about Amy is that she is able to find the "good" in everybody, so that every member of the team or organization feels acknowledged and valued.  In a large organization like George Brown College, this approach puts into practice what research tells us is the best way to learn together.  People she has touched continue to contact and reach out to her, which in itself is a testimonial to her staying power, since she completed her contract here three years ago.

Franklynn Chernin, Coordinator of Student Success, George Brown College, Toronto

Its been a pleasure working with Amy. She has a way of taking ideas and concepts and articulating them in a way that one can understand, and more importantly, experience the learning that comes from that idea or concept. I believe it’s a gift when someone can take an intention and create a course of action that is easily understood and is able to learn along the way.

She has the gift of taking the big picture of what the client wants and come out with a conduit that ends up being the  perfect course of action. It’s all about the process for Amy and she makes it fit the needs of the corporate culture.

Outside of delivering results the process of working with Amy is a lot of fun and there is never a dull moment in creativity.

James Voulokis, Principal and Executive Coach, Visionary Insights Inc.