Services ~ Facilitator

I have been engaged to facilitate many meetings, workshops and other sessions on behalf of schools, community groups and other organizations. As facilitator, my goal is to create an environment where everyone present participates and engages in the programmer and is involved in the identified goal. More complex facilitation involves collaborative skill development for group problem solving, individual and group decision making,  goal setting  and establishing a shared vision using the gifts and qualities of each participants.

As a facilitator, it’s your agenda…not mine! In my role I help to sharpen your focus on objectives and ensure inclusivity while monitoring progress towards those goals.

It is so interesting to be a “professional” facilitator.  It is possible to explore a wide range of collaborative activities, some of which include: visioning, problem solving, conflict resolution, mission statements, strategic planning, “workshopping”, brainstorming, community and team building, introducing new programs, and more.

In terms of Corporate Facilitation, the process is really quite similar. My approach towards being a facilitator in the business world is based on my belief that truly productive work only happens when all participants are fully engaged in the process of collaboration.  This happens when a team has developed a framework of collaborative skills through practice in cooperative team building in a safe and inclusive environment, that inspires positive interactions between people and promotes creativity and success.  I help organizations to work more effectively to achieve their short and long term objectives. I try to bring some excitement and the inspiration to learn into my meetings and workshops.  I create customized sessions based on the needs of the corporation and work closely with corporate leaders to sustain the growth and learning potential within the organization.

Here are some organizations that have engaged me to facilitate workshops, meetings and other sessions:

National Jewish Campus Life (2008)
Birthright Alumni Committee (2007 – 2009)
Plan and facilitate workshops for community building, establishing a shared vision, and collaborative planning and goal setting.

Affordable Housing Groups:
Trellis Gardens, Toronto, Ontario (2001 – 2006)
Dan Harrison, Toronto, Ontario (2006 – 2008)
Glen Everest, Toronto, Ontario (2009 – present)
Plan, organize and facilitate meetings that are intended to build a strong community based on collaborative skills so that tenants participate in setting ground rules, resolving conflict and problem solving together. The intention is to develop self governing and on going cooperation between tenants and with administration.

Canadian Centre for Diversity (2003 - present)
Team Building – Monthly workshops that focus on conflict resolution, group problem solving, collaborative goal setting and creating documentation with full participation from employees.