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Over 15 years experience providing certified Tribes TLC® training for teachers and teacher candidates, dozens of sessions in the Toronto area and elsewhere in Canada and the U.S. For more info on Tribes Training click here.

Tribes TLC® Workshop - Creating a Caring Inclusive Classroom

This 24 hour course will examine the theory, basic research, interactive process and methodology of the cooperative learning approach known as Tribes TLC®. The content, teaching process and strategies are based on the book Reaching All by Creating Tribes Learning Communities by Jeanne Gibbs. Teachers of all grade levels and all subject areas may use the course concepts and methods. Participants will learn how to implement a three-stage group development process to establish a positive learning environment in their classroom. In addition, participants will learn how the Tribes TLC® process provides a foundation for learning and children’s development.

The Tribes TLC® process incorporates a set of collaborative skills, a framework for cooperative learning, principles of brain compatibility and processes for effective reflection questions that enhance academic achievement. This approach actively involves students in their own learning, assures respect for diversity, cultures, races, abilities and multiple intelligences, develops caring and support among students, fosters the development of resiliency and engages students in creative problem solving and decision making.

By taking this course, teachers will:

  • Learn new effective strategies to create a comfortable, exciting and productive classroom.
  • Improve at developing creative, structured lessons that will facilitate active learning and enhance the possibility for curricula integration.
  • Enhance classroom management skills through more 'helping' and less 'disciplining' of behaviour issues.
  • Recognize the importance of reflection as an integral part of the learning experience and be adept at incorporating reflection in their daily planning.
  • Be able to monitor and assess student's understanding and behaviours regularly and easily.
  • Increase knowledge about the benefits of collaboration and cooperative education.
  • Acquire a better understanding about how to apply brain compatible learning and multiple intelligences in programming.
  • Experience the process with which they will be involving their students.

This course is an excellent example of experiential learning, and models the approach that we promote with students. On another level, many schools are also using the Tribes TLC® process as the basis for building a collaborative culture and these students would be entering the profession with an understanding of this process. Building a caring, inclusive classroom also addresses issues of safety and security in classrooms in schools. In the teacher education program there are courses with a pedagogical focus and courses that focus on content delivery. The focus of this course would be on the integration of the two.