Current Activities

List of ongoing activities

Consulting and Training

Cooperative Learning Workshop, PD Day, SD43 Coquitlam, Jan. 29
Tribes Training with SD43 Coquitlam, April 16-20
People for a Healthy Community, Gabriola - ongoing
Yoga for Life classes, every Tuesday, Gabriola Commons
Life Coaching, by appointment

Yoga in the Yurt - Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
Tribes Training with Coquitlam Teachers Association - April/May, Nov/Dec
Workshop - The Multiple Intelligences - Finding the Artistry Within – Friday April 14, Gabriola Commons, Gabriola
People for a Healthy Community, Gabriola - ongoing
Yoga for Life classes, every Tuesday, Gabriola Commons

Tribes Training - Simon Fraser University - September/October
Tribes Gabriola Style Retreat - August 21-23
Workshop - What is Happening to my Teenagers’ Brain? - Hope Centre, Gabriola, BC - May 1
Guest speaker, with Paul Gellman - The Mystical Traditions of Judaism – The Roxy, Gabriola, BC - May 19
Tribes Training - Coquitlam, BC, February - April
People for a Healthy Community, Gabriola Island - ongoing
Yoga for Life classes, every Tuesday, Gabriola Commons

Tribes Training – Coquitlam, BC, April – August 2015
People for a Healthy Community, Gabriola Island – ongoing
Hope for Grade 7’s – Gabriola Elementary School – Developing Resiliency and incorporating basic collaborative skills for transition to High School - ongoing

Hope for Grade 7’s – Gabriola Elementary School – Developing Resiliency and incorporating basic collaborative skills for transition to High School - ongoing
People for a Healthy Community, Gabriola Island – ongoing
Tribes Training- Campbell River – Sept- Jan.
Camp Miriam –Staff workshop in Multiple Intelligences and mindful programming for campers - June 26-29

Tribes Training – Campbell River – Aug 28, 29, Sep 30, Oct 1
The Hope Centre, Gabriola Island - Educational Consultant - on-going support for students at risk
People for a Healthy Community, Gabriola Island - Counselling and skill development support for adults at risk – on-going

Tribes Training, Toronto, Aug 26-28
Greenwood College, Toronto, Aug 28-29, Sep 19
People for a Healthy Community (PHC), Gabriola Island, weekly
Deliver Webinars for Canadian Centre for Diversity, Jan/Feb/Mar
Tribes Training, Toronto, Mar 6-8, Mar 12-14

Tribes, University of Toronto, Jackman Institute of Child Studies, OISE, Sep
Skills for Change, Toronto, Workshop - "Celebrating Diversity at Work", Oct 6-7
John Ross Robertson Child Care Centre, August 30
Associated Hebrew Schools, Jun 23-24
Canadian Centre for Diversity, Jun 19-20
Open Tribes Session, Toronto (North York), May 16-18
Open Tribes Session, Toronto (North York), Mar 15-17
Associated Hebrew School, Toronto, March
Niagara University Tribes Session, Congregation Darchei Noam, North York, Jan 4-6

Open Tribes Session, St. Alban's Boys and Girls Club, Dec 15-17
University of Toronto, OISE Institute of Child Studies, Dec and April
Shilpa Society School, Cochin, India, Nov 15-29

For more info on Tribes Training click here.


Canadian Centre for Diversity, 2002 - 2012

Developing a program called Diversity is Youth, programming and developing curriculum and facilitating sessions conducted across Canada

Working with CCD staff on team building and collaborative skills, strengthening our work together and the organization as a whole.  This consists of monthly sessions focusing on building necessary skills for cooperative learning.

Developing curriculum for schools on Diversity Education, providing leadership for a team of educators at CCD, coaching and assisting implementation across the country, bringing Diversity Education awareness to teachers at all levels of the educational system in Canada.

Coaching the leaders who go into schools with the Quest program.  Quest focuses on the development of basic collaborative skills to enhance openness and interaction between youth of different faiths. Through guided activities students from Catholic, Jewish and Islamic Parochial schools learn mutual respect, enhanced listening, sharing appreciation and enriched participation through interactive participatory strategies.  This is with the intent of seeking out information about the various faiths and becoming more comfortable in the learning process.  In this program eight self selected students from each individual school come together a minimum of six times during the school year, three of which are for specific focus on social skills and three to visit each individual’s school environment.

Other Workshops and Activities

Shilpa Society School, Fort Cochin, India - November 2010 - working with multiply handicapped children, adults and their teachers

John Ross Robertson Child Care Centre - Sept. Oct. 2010 - ongoing team building practice and Tribes implementation

Pathways, The South Bay Center for Counseling, Los Angeles, California, May 5-7, 2010

Interfaith Twinning Weekend – organized and facilitated activities for Congregation Darchei Noam and Islamic Foundation of Toronto, held Nov. 13-15, 2009

Community Building at St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club – working with their pre-school staff.

Programming and Support at Glen Everest affordable housing complex – community building, working with tenants on topics such as: developing collaborative skills for functioning independently, strategies for conflict resolution, how to build a healthy community environment.

Workshop -Understanding the Multiple Intelligences in Teaching and Learning

Understanding how our brain works is only the beginning of recognizing how learning happens. Howard Gardner’s concept about “How We Are Smart” reinforces the need for creative lesson planning with an emphasis on inclusion. The Multiple Intelligences pushes the limits of our traditional concepts of who (or what) is smart and how we value the gifts that our students bring to the learning environment.

This is an interactive workshop where we address brain compatible learning and explore the multiple intelligences as they relate to one’s personal experiences and learning preferences. Participants will experience how knowing about the intelligences can change the way we teach and assess students’ learning. They will also have fun together with other educators and teacher candidates while learning.

Workshop – Discovering Diversity Within Your Classroom

Workshop Objectives
This workshop will focus on the defining of diversity as a community and its effect on each of us as an individual.
Participants will:

  • Experience strategies that give students an opportunity to share personal ideas about diversity
  • Begin to clarify and define ‘diversity’ in their own environment
  • Have fun working with others in their school practicing basic collaborative skills (respect and attentive listening)

 Rationale and Plan
This workshop is directed at all levels of Primary and Junior School students.  As a class students will engage in interactive activities strategically designed to promote understanding and appreciation for diversity.  A focus on acknowledging and respecting each other will be emphasized, in relation to race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, abilities and disabilities, opinions and perspectives.  Basic collaborative skills such as attentive listening, practicing mutual respect, sharing appreciations and encouraging participation will be stressed during this 40 minute workshop.

Using the familiar classroom setting as a safe environment to practice, students will be introduced to the concept of diversity. Through various text resources (e.g. Cultural Proficiency, A Manual for School Leaders, by Randall Lindsey, Kikanza Nuri Robbins and Raymond Terrell), interactive experiences, personal stories and reflective practice, participants will engage in activities to promote self awareness, encourage learning more about diversity issues, and experience how to practice respect.

A Workshop for Mothers and Daughters by Mothers and Daughters

Enhance your relationship and grow positively together through strategic activities designed to increase communication and mutual respect. A day together of fun learning!