Teacher / Educator

With 24 years in the classroom from Grades Kindergarten to 12, teaching experience includes: literacy specialist, guidance counsellor*, convenor (department head), designer of creative curriculum, workshop creator and implementer.  Expertise in cooperative learning, creating an inclusive classroom, and building collaborative skills to enrich the cooperative experience.

Educational Consultant

Go into schools and other learning organization environments, assess the situation, look at the teachers and what their goals are, look at the administrative and board-level focus, then help plan, organize, facilitate, and implement change based on the assessed and agreed-upon needs.

Tribes Trainer

Over 15 years experience providing certified Tribes TLC® training for teachers and teacher candidates, dozens of sessions in the Toronto area and elsewhere in Canada and the U.S.


Plan and facilitate workshops for community building, establishing a shared vision, and collaborative planning and goal setting


Working with young people, parents and other adults to help develop life skills, with students in schools to help determine appropriate placements and programming, and with graduating students and adults to provide career coaching and direction.


Encourage reflective practice, help students and clients determine appropriate direction and next steps.  Help the person plan, problem solve, make appropriate decisions in their professional development.