Welcome to my web site

Welcome to my web site!  I am happy you are here.
I am a teacher.  It has been my calling for more than thirty-five years.  From classroom teacher to teacher of teachers to group facilitator, my passion has been to model in all my endeavours the many philosophies, strategies and understandings of how we learn.

Of course, a teacher wears many hats - counsellor, mentor, coach, consultant, trainer, facilitator. My focus through all of these roles has been on enhancing productivity by promoting and developing collaborative learning skills. Based in the Greater Toronto area, I have spoken at conferences and schools and facilitated workshops throughout Canada and the United States. I celebrate the diversity of our society and emphasize the need to create a welcoming, safe, comfortable environment that inspires positive interactions between people and that promotes creativity, life long learning and success.

In the following pages you will discover the many services I have to offer.  From one on one coaching to group workshops, whatever work I do with you is sustained by ongoing follow-up over the long term.  I work with young people and older, with teachers and business people, with parents and other shared communities.  Over the years I have gathered a slew of effective strategies for determining shared goals and creating environments for cooperative learning and achievement.

Please browse these pages, and use them as a starting point.  The goal for me is not to teach but to have you learn.  This is the gift I offer, and I hope we can grow together.  Let’s talk.